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Red Intermeccanica Speedster with Black Convertible Top sits on cobbled plaza

2017 Traditional Air-Cooled Model "S"SOLD

This unique situation can put you behind the wheel of your very own Intermeccanica “S”! This listing is for a beautiful original inspired Intermeccanica “S” (1958 356-A Speedster reproduction), capturing the essence of the late 50’s sportscars experience with the peace of mind of all-new construction and top-quality material throughout. Originally constructed as an internal combustion model, this IM was converted to electric drive as a test vehicle for the Intermeccanica/Electrameccanica E-Roadster program. It has now been returned to its original specifications, save for a few non-intrusive body changes. It will be available in the next few weeks at a very competitive price for an Intermeccanica in this condition and mileage. Classic signal red with black interior, black Stayfast top and Roadster style seats exude a sportscar vibe. Glass roll-up side windows and positive seal at the windshield makes for an experience that no original can match. Powered by CB performance “Super 90” 1776 cc 90HP engine and under 1,900 Lbs total weight, this Intermeccanica has a very original driving feel. With under 5,000 total Kilometers, and as well suited for a day at your local car gathering as it is on a weekend back-roads driving trip, this Intermeccanica will brighten any garage it is parked in! If you have been thinking about an Intermeccanica, this example may be one of one available for sale this season, so don’t think too long! Please check out the full detail below. 

356-A "S" traditional air cooled

CURRENT OWNER : Intermeccanica
REGISTRATION: British Columbia
COLOR: Guards India Red