Roadster Coupe

The car got a thorough once over from an old Stoddard mechanic and he was very impressed with the car

I just wanted to pass on accolades from a local car show this past weekend – Buckeye German Jubilee in Columbia, Ohio. Just about everyone wanted to know if I restored the Roadster myself. That’s usually when I tell them it was built by you at Intermaccanica. Many guys were one their bellies inspecting the under carriage and the engine compartment had a head sticking in it most of the two days. Everyone was impressed with the color combination. There may be 2 Karman Ghias and one … cab that get the same paint color. There were a few people who knew of Intermeccanica but had never actually seen one. The car got a thorough once over from an old Stoddard mechanic and he was very impressed with the car and said I made a good choice (which I already know). The show was mainly VWs and there was only one other … – ’56 A coupe with European badges. I did find out he got the badges off ebay. I got a 5 th place trophy from the attendees voting. Thanks again for a great car,Dan Zimmerman

Henry – last Saturday participated in a … ‘rally’ (drive) thru the Columbia River Gorge sponsored by my local mechanic, Heckmann & Thiemann Motors. 80 or so cars in all. Got so many great comments about the car; one was “I didn’t know it was a replica, looks great” and the other, for folks who could tell, “beautiful job, great company”. Lots of folks asked who built it, told them who and to check out Intermeccanica online.

Thanks, Chris

Intermeccanica Coach Built Reproduction

Class winner in the 1950-59 car class

My wife and I decided to drive my little car down to a car show in Dallas. I was just going to park in the adjoining lot and then go in to check out the 200 or so vintage cars and trucks. The attendant insisted that I pull into the show area and register. We hung out for a couple of hours during the judging and then I was speechless when they called my name as Class WINNER in the 1950-59 car class. I was fully upfront registering it as a 2002 Intermeccanica Coach-Built Reproduction. What a hoot!

Chuck Fuller

1.8 Turbo

Water-cooled 1.8 Turbo, 4-speed transmission and … 911 suspension swallowed all the curves of the back roads.

We just returned from a great trip to Yosemite, we drove every paved road in the park and had a ball! Our 1.8 Turbo Roadster was a wonderful travel vehicle and attracted a crowd whenever we parked. The color combination is beautiful and the leather interior color, Absolute Tomato, received continuous positive comments. As you know, I had my doubts about the Maus Grau and “red/orange” distressed leather but the compliments from the park visitors we met have eliminated all doubts! This Roadster is simply a stunning automobile. Performance was excellent too! Intermeccanica’s combination of the water-cooled 1.8 Turbo, 4-speed transmission and the … 911 suspension simply swallowed all the curves that the back roads could provide. You know how much I enjoyed my 2001 Intermeccanica [Pre-A S], but for me, the mechanicals in my new Roadster is the way to go. Thank you and your team for creating this beauty and helping to fulfill another dream. Michele and I are looking forward to driving up to next years BBQ/tour. By the way, Michele loves the heated seats, the power windows, the wind screen and the outward visibility that the roadster top provides. Thanks again to you and “Team Intermeccanica”. Please feel free to put any future clients in contact with me, I love to talk about my car!!All the best,
Dale Bates
Classic Speedster 356

Solid platform and very good handling and chassis dynamics

Finally had a chance to spend some time on the road with your [Pre A “S”]. It’s a joy to drive – very responsive, with a solid platform and very good handling and chassis
dynamics. It drives better than my original … in every respect. The quality of components and the fit and finish are first rate as well. It’s a beautifully executed automobile.


Porsche 911 Speedster

3.0L 911 powered 59 Pre A “S” 

In September 2003 while waiting for a flight I bought a copy of Excellence Magazine (I still have it) and read the article “Fax Me a Copy” by David Coleman. As you know it is about a 2.7L 911 … powered [Pre A “S”] you built. Since then I have had this lingering thought of maybe, someday, I would own one. That day finally came on July 9, 2010 when I picked up my [Pre A “S”] at your shop. I had a vision of what my 3.0L … 911 powered [Pre A “S”] would be with a few twists of my own. Somehow I guess either I was able to communicate that vision to you verbally or maybe you are actually an alien that lives inside your customer’s heads during the build process. It doesn’t really matter which because all I know is you and your staff were able to make my dreams a reality. The [Pre A “S”] you created for me is exactly what I was hoping for and much, much more.

Thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart.
Dave Mitchell

356 Speedster

Some day when I can I would love to have one of your cars.

A note of interest. We had a 1958 [Pre A “S”] here a few weeks ago for a photoshoot. The owner let me drive the car. I drove Bill’s/your IM Roadster around to the back of the building to park it yesterday and experienced the well known advantage of an IM. The difference, just in that short drive, was so vast. The car was so much better than the real thing. When I drove the ‘58 it was quite a let down (I hadn’t driven a real one in a long time). Your car was so much better. That’s why some day when I can I would love to have one of your cars.

Thought you would enjoy that story,
Mark Green

Radium Green Roadster

I have owned original[s] … and none had the build quality or ride comfort

I have been taking advantage of our unusually warm Cape Cod spring weather and have had the Roadster out a few times. I can’t tell you how happy I am with your fantastic Roadster. I have owned dozens of classic cars over the years, including original[s] … . None has the build quality, the ride comfort and shear “head turning” beauty of my new, Radium Green Intermeccanica. It is a joy to own. Henry, please feel free to use my name as a reference. I would be more than happy to let prospective buyers from the Northeast test drive my Roadster.

Love it! Dr. John Mancini

Guards Red with White

I still remember what Frank said when I phone ordered my Guards Red with White

My sincere Congratulations on 50 years in the business!! It’s great to see the newsletter and your plans for the BBQ and car fest. And I thought my 1985 car is a vintage at 24 years ! Believe it or not, I still remember what Frank said when I phone ordered my Guards Red with White (little off white) interior, car. When I said, “I want a white interior, Frank said, “Lite leather interior?” To which I replied, “No, I just want it to be as white as possible, not that traditional European leather look.” He seemed stunned, but quickly retorted with, “Oh, you want a California Look !!” He then sounded very excited and said, “It will be the lightest shade of leather we can find for our1st. Cal. look.” “Do you want a sample?” Without realizing it until I hung up and reminded by Chris (my wife), that I just bought something, “Sight unseen.” I answered Frank with, “No, I trust you understand white, American white.” He finished with, “No problem.” And repeated, “It will be the best 1st. time we do it this way.” So I plunked down the requested 1/2 amount and prayed for the best. We obviously have been very pleased with our choice since I still have and drive (mostly summertime due to weather) it for the past 24 years. Hope you don’t mind this little story.


Roadster 2110 cc Motor

The 2110 cc motor is great with tons of torque for those long climbs in the mountains

We just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how happy we are with the car and the whole Intermeccanica experience to date. As I have mentioned, I love the car more every day. It is wonderful to drive on the highway; the 2110 cc motor is great with tons of torque for those long climbs in the mountains or passing, not to mention that it makes a great sound. It even has surprising luggage capacity for a relatively long trip with the small gas tank and larger trunk. The trip out to Vancouver the 50th anniversary tour and trip home to Edmonton were wonderful. We really enjoyed meeting the other owners and seeing a great collection of cars representing several decades of production. It is amazing to see so many different variations, with each representing just what the owner wanted. The condition of many of the older cars is a testament to the quality of the construction that you put into your vehicles. Everywhere I go, the car generates incredible interest and everybody who sees it is amazed at the quality of the construction, the fantastic paint and attention to fit and detail.
Thanks again for doing the tweaks on those niggling items on the car while we were in Vancouver. I know you get besieged with lots of requests from the “out of towners” when they assemble in Vancouver for the tour and your effort is greatly appreciated. It is no surprise, but everything is now as close to perfect as I could imagine.

Kevin Jones and Cindy Wolter