Technical Support

Please feel free to download these PDF Manuals.

Use our Chassis Check List – Roadster “D” and “S”.

Carburetor check and adjustment should be completed at the 1000 km service, 5000 km service and subsequent yearly tune-up, or at any time when carburetor manifolds or linkages have been removed and reinstalled on engine.

The following instructions cover Valve Adjustment on non-hydraulic solid lifter engines. Check the specification sheet on your vehicle to establish your specific engine.  If there appears to be no valve lash on any valve and if the push rod moves out and adjusting screw is loosened than you are dealing with hydraulic valves.

Service and Maintenance Info – all vehicles reflects the most common equipment and components, as well as specifications, found on Intermeccanica products.

The following outlines Roadster Specifications and Operating Instructions for your custom Intermeccanica.

The following outlines the Roadster Specifications for your custom Intermeccanica.

This is a Intermeccanica Roadster “D” and “S” Services Schedule. At approximately 1,000/ 5,000km (600/3000miles) this list is for initial break-in and maintenance check list should be looked over.