Newsletter 2017 – What a Year at Intermeccanica



Intermeccanica Winter 2017 Newsletter.


What a Year

2017 has been a very exciting year for me and for Intermeccanica. This past fall I completed the merger of Intermeccanica with my partner, Jerry Kroll’s, and my new venture, Electrameccanica. The new company is committed to taking the Intermeccanica history and tradition into the new millennium, opening opportunities not only on the new electric drive front, but also keeping the classic Intermeccanica products developing far into the future.


This new chapter opens horizons for me personally and provides Intermeccanica access to world class engineering, marketing and financial resources. The first joint IM/EMV product, our E-Roadster, made its debut at this year’s Vancouver Luxury and Supercar Show. This Roadster is powered by a 71 hp AC motor with 120 ft-lbs of torque and has a range of 200 kilometers with a lithium ion battery pack. I cannot tell you what an amazing feeling it is to be behind the wheel of this unique Intermeccanica, so smooth and effortlessly quiet! – Teaser Video click here


Our next EV project will hit the road by February of next year and will be powered by a new motor transaxle combination. Single speed EV transaxle with a 180 hp/235 ft-lb (peak) power! And 35 kwh of Li Ion battery projected to give us six second 0-100 kph times, can’t wait to drive this one!


I have a number of E-Roadster projects in my production schedule for 2018 and more inquiries each week. Goes to show that there are endless ways to enjoy an open sports car! Contact me if you are interested in learning more.

A little further down the road the engineering, marketing and finance team and I are working on our next ground-up design (to follow up our successful Electrameccanica Solo commuter EV): our Tofino two passenger convertible sportscar! The Tofino will be the natural evolution of the current Intermeccanica products, brought into the modern age with the classic “less is more” sportscar philosophy. Expect strong performance, solid construction, classic lines, quality materials and build standards. The first true sportscar of the Electric Age! We are well on our way with chassis design and expect to be driving our first chassis by the end of this coming March, with a full prototype planned for the end of 2018. See here for more info and to sign up for a newsletter.

click here for more info


This past year or so has seen a number of great Intermeccanica projects come through the shop. From a “forty year vision” brought to life


to a right hand drive Roadster for a UK customer, to three beautiful and unique air cooled six cylinder powered Intermeccanicas


still a personal favourite. Classic air cooled four cylinder cars ranged from traditional to a truly visionary “outlaw” inspired “S”


for a Vancouver area friend and customer. The ever popular Subaru liquid cooled drive option continues to grow as a percentage of my sales. This last year these included a classic looking Roadster and a racing inspired “S” with numerous detail touches.

  Looking towards 2018, my production schedule includes a pair of “super wide” “S’s”. This look has once again captured the imagination with its strong visual statement and familiar voluptuous curves.

These will pack a punch: both Subaru powered, one with a turbo motor!

I have a pair of six cylinder air cooled projects on the go. Later in the spring we will be starting production on our new E-Roadster/E-S offering. (More specs to follow soon on this new variant). As well as a pair of modern “hot rod” inspired liquid cooled “S” models. Like I said, the future looks amazing! If you are thinking about placing an order for delivery of Summer 2018, better give me a call. I would love to custom build an Intermeccanica for you!

On the Electrameccanica side of the business, our Solo is really taking off with reservations both individual and corporate coming in daily. We are in the tooling stage with our contract manufacturers and expect to see Solos coming from them later in 2018 as we ramp up local manufacturing now to fill this gap. We expect to deliver 75,000 Solos over the next three years!

Earlier this year Electrameccanica’s shares were listed on the OTCQB Exchange (ECCTF) and we are currently going through the process of uplisting onto the Nasdaq Exchange to help build on the $20 million plus equity already secured through private investment. To anchor this move we have enlisted the help of a New York based Investment Bank. It is on this strength that we will build a great new car company for a modern world.

Despite the fact that I was busy on both the IM and EMV side of the business in 2017, I did have a chance to take in numerous early Saturday morning Car & Coffee events with my eldest Ivy who worked with me this past year – which was simply amazing!


We had a great customer showing at the 26th Annual Great Canadian VW Show. And we were honoured to be invited to display at the Vancouver Luxury and Supercar Show in September.

  In October, I was invited by the Intermeccanica Club of Japan to join their 25th Anniversary meeting in Nagano, Japan. A huge thank you to Kenji Ikegame, the club president, and to the entire club. 25 years! These guys are like my family on the other side of the globe. If you have not been there, you need to go.


It was very disappointing for Holly and I to have to cancel the Intermeccanica Treffen this past summer. With all the fires and tens of thousands of our fellow British Columbians out of their homes and worse, I could not imagine driving all of you through the smoke to have a good time as others suffered. The great news is that we have a date for the 2018 Intermeccanica Treffen: August 24 – 26 with a return to the Okanagan Valley planned with great roads, food and of course, Intermeccanica people! (And maybe a winery or two as well…)

If you have time please come and visit Intermeccanica / Electrameccanica at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 9-12, 2018 or the Vancouver Auto Show March 28 – April 1, 2018.

In closing, I want to wish all of you and your families the very best for Christmas and for a fun and good-health filled 2018, from the Reisner family and the now expanded Intermeccanica and Electrameccanica family too! If you have questions about anything you saw or read in this newsletter or simply want to ask about Intermeccanica or Electrameccanica vehicles new or used, please email me or call my mobile 604-219-2586 any time.

For a closer look into some of the builds in this newsletter – click on the links below.

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Thank you for your interest.

Henry Reisner
President, Intermeccanica International, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer, Electrameccanica…..