Intermeccanica Italia Restoration

Intermeccanica 1967 Italia restoration project

Any of you who have visited Intermeccanica in the last decade or more will know that we have had an original Intermeccanica Italia at the shop.  Intermeccanica originally purchased this Italia to become the basis for a design for a “new” Italia project for us to custom build.  Well, it turns out that digital design is the method of today. So the years 2006 through 2008 were spent digitally refining our vision for a new Italia.  (For more information on this exciting concept please contact me at

This left the poor 1967 Italia abandoned and in slightly sad shape. Fast forward to last summer when our pending move motivated us to resolve this storage issue!  As luck would have it, long time Intermeccanica friend, sports car enthusiast and collector Gerry Sung stepped forward to purchase the Italia and to engage Intermeccanica in it’s complete restoration.  This is a bit of a departure from our regular daily business as you know, but interestingly also not all that different.

Over the last few months the Italia has been stripped to bare metal and is now coming through the paint preparation process.  This is not a full time job at the shop but the progress is steady and very rewarding for my crew and I and we also hope for Gerry!  He is now getting close to having to choose the final paint colour.

If you are interested in taking a look at the progress to date or in keeping up with this project please check out our Flickr site where we are posting photos.