Intermeccanica Indra

The rich history of Intermeccanica’s Indra is portrayed in Winston Goodfellow’s 2011 article, in Octane, the Classic and Performance Car Magazine.


Roadster RS

Read about Intermeccanica’s classic Roadster RS featured in BC Business, which explores the shop, a brief history, and a thrilling account of a road trip along the Sea to Sky Highway.


Gray Roadster D

Read the tale of the stunning slate gray Intermeccanica Roadster D in Kit Car Magazine.


Speedster 6

An account of the rich history and the custom production process for the Intermeccanica 6 cylinder S model and Roadster RS has been published in Excellence Magazine.


original 356

Want to know what makes an Intermeccanica replica unique?  It is the special touch described in the Motor Trend article outlining the progressive elements in our custom cars while preserving the classic look.


356 Roadster

Read Robert Magee’s journey to finding Intermeccanica in “Worn Out Coupe to Open Air Roadster.” Enjoy his first hand story about discovering of the joys of his Intermeccanica.


WWII Kubelwagen

The article titled “War Child” recounts the classic Kubelwagen design and explores the modern features pioneered by Intermeccanica to make this World War II vehicle a modern masterpiece.



Hot VW’s Dean Kirsten recounts the history of the Kubelwagen in “Return of the Kubel”. Kirsten highlights how Intermeccanica maintained the original look of the vehicle while paying attention to details in the construction.