2003 – US TITLE Pre-A Carrera GS/GT Recreation

2003 “Pre-A” Carrera GS/GT  – SOLD

Embodying the “Outlaw” spirit this Intermeccanica Pre-A Carrera GS/GT inspired “S” is the brain child of a visionary Oregon based 356 enthusiast.  Truly the incarnation of the “less is more” philosophy this Intermeccanica is what you need if you are looking for a pure performance 356 experience.  Purpose made tube steel chassis, 145HP CB performance 2110cc power plant, long gears, 4 wheel disc brakes, performance suspension, nothing more nothing less.  Weighing just 1800 lbs. this is a Pre-A you slip into like a broken in leather jacket.

Perfect details like original umbrella hand brake and floor mounted heater control, saddle bucked seats, original style rubber floor mats and oatmeal Square Weave carpet, hand drilled pedals, reinforcing door braces. This Intermeccanica has been recognized  at every event it has been show, including the home of “Outlaw”, the Emory Campout.

The current owner is a reluctant seller needing to consolidate his 356 collection as a result of a home sale.  California registration with lifetime transferable emissions exemption.

To see a full set of photos of this Intermeccanica on Flickr click here

CURRENT OWNER > Mr. Max Handley
CURRENT MILEAGE > 35,250 Miles
CONDITION > Mechanically excellent, body excellent , interior and top excellent
REGISTRATION > California SB 100 Lifetime full emissions exemption, transferable
COLOR > Stone Gray POR 5710
SEATS > Speedster  seats
UPHOLSTERY > Original Vynil Saddle
CARPET > Square Weave Wool Oatmeal / Black rubber floor and tunnel
BINDING > Vynil Saddle
TOP> Speedster “Low  Bow”  Stayfast Black / beige  1821 (no boot cover)

ENGINE > CB Performance VW Type 1 Intermeccanica High Performance 2110cc / 146 HP at 5500 rpm
EXHAUST SYSTEM > Intermeccanica Custom “Big Tube” 2.5 inch diameter GT center  tip,  performance mufflers
TRANSAXLE > Intermeccanica  “Tall” ratio 3.44:1 final drive 4 speed,  Original look shifter
SUSPENSION > Intermeccanica HP 24mm rear torsion bars, 19mm anti sway bars front / rear, Koni shock absorbers (new)
BRAKE SYSTEM > Intermeccanica High performance Original look 5 X 205mm bolt pattern four wheel disc. 12mm long studs, Drum Skinz
WHEELS > Mangels/Intermeccanica 5.5″x15″  silver powder coat, no hub cap clips
TIRES > Bridgstone Potenza  185/65 hr 15 (new)

Custom “Outlaw” body detail with no bumpers, no side or rocker moldings
Pre-A style dash with speedo, tach, oil temp gauge, warning lights
Power glass side windows with positive seal at windshield
Pre-A Original NLA “Beehive” tail lights & “shine down” license light
Hella 160 driving lights
GT style louvered engine lid
Speedster vertical head light grills
Speedster bucket seats
Seat heaters
Tubular structural door brace set
Carrera inspired black vinyl floor mats and center tunnel cover
Derrington reproduction  steering wheel, 390mm
Original crested horn button
Original style dash and door panel trim
Carrera style fender mounted mirror
MPH speedometer
Original “umbrella” hand brake and floor mounted heat control
Original beige interior trim
Custom fitted Coco mats, beige
Front ¼ panel storage bins
Racing style “snap in” 3” lap belts
Custom fabricated drilled pedals
Full set original body badges
CB HP 2110cc engine with big valve, big port heads. 145 HP
Long ratio 3.44:1 4 speed with original look shifter
72 plate full flow oil cooler with power fan, automatic temperature switch, all stainless steel hoses
24mm rear torsion bars, 19mm anti sway bar set Koni adjustable shocks (new)
Original look “Wide 5” four wheel  disc brakes
12mm race look long studs / nuts
Drum Skins brake caps
Full custom center tip exhaust system with oval SST tip
Optima battery with on board battery tender
Custom air filters, K&N elements
Battery cut off switch

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