Our Models

Intermeccanica is a custom coach builder specializing in the recreation of the classic 1950’s Speedster and Roadster, our Intermeccanica “S pre-A”, Intermeccanica “S” and Intermeccanica “D”. We hand craft our cars one at a time for discerning clients from around the globe. Our custom builds can be fitted with traditional 4 cylinder air cooled engines ranging from 100Hp to 165Hp or modern 4 cylinder liquid cooled engines from Subaru ranging in power from 160Hp to over 250Hp. For the ultimate air cooled performance experience we offer a custom chassis and coachwork that will accept full air cooled 6 cylinder driveline and suspension up to 3.6Lt at 285Hp and more!

Intermeccanica “D”

Intermeccanica E-Roadster

Intermeccanica “S”

Intermeccanica “S Pre-A”

Intermeccanica Kubelwagen

Available Intermeccanica Mechanical Platforms

Traditional Air Cooled

Modern Water Cooled

Air Cooled Six Cylinder

Electric Drive