Meccanica – showroom


The latest Intermeccanica custom project car is now completed.  Built for the owner and developer of the new Meccanica building in Vancouver this Intermeccanica is the center piece of the Cressey Meccanica presentation center.

Powered by a 3.0lt 911 Euro spec engine featuring PMO carburators and SSI heat exchangers,  915 5-speed transaxle, Wevo shifter.  Full SC suspension with HP brakes, Bilstine shocks and struts, Boxter 16X6 and 16X8 wheels.  Full Itaian leather interior, orignal Sqaure Weave carpets, A/C.  This truly top of the line Intermeccanica is the ultinamte incarnation of air cooled 356 classic style and performance.  At 2,300 lbs and 200 Hp both the owner and and his wife were very sad to see their Roadster get taken away to be placed in the presentation center this past weekend!

Please inquire if you are interested in a full specification sheet on this Intermeccanica or to recive a quote on transforming your air cooled 911 doner package into one of this unique sports cars!